Sarit Sela

Sarit Sela

Certified KonMari Consultant and Founder of MinimalistMe 

Minimalistme has become a popular destination for lovers of minimalism and scandinavian design. as visual content creator, sarit gives her followers a peak into the life of a minimalist and konmari certified consultant by creating beautifully curated yet authentic images from her own life.
in a candid conversation with sarit, we talk everything minimalism, how to approach sentimentality as a minimalist, and how to curate your home according to the konmari method.

Sarit, how did you first fall in love with Minimalism, and what does it mean to you?

i've always been a tidy person, and i don't have a problem with letting go of things, but never considered myself a minimalist before. i am a lawyer by education, but it's not a field that has ever drawn me in.

after moving to stockholm nine years ago with my family, i found myself surrounded by all this beautiful minimalist scandinavian design, and i was contemplating studying interior design; i just knew that i had to be part of this world. after coming across mari kondo and her method, i decided to go for it and become a certified consultant. at the same time i was also starting to build a community on instagram, creating content of beautifully curated spaces and items. it took off fairly quickly, and creating visual content has become my primary work and passion since. minimalism to me is inspired by the konmari premise to love every piece i own, and let go of everything that doesn't bring me joy. if you'd ask me about my favorite item, i wouldn't know what to choose since i equally love every single piece i own, wardrobe or furniture..

today i consider myself a minimalist in every aspect of my life: starting from my home all the way down to fashion and accessories, even skincare and scents.

How do sentimentally significant items fit into the concept of Minimalism?

strong and healthy skin can very realistically be obtained by everyone with the right care- i don't just believe this, i know it! at the same time, it's very important for us to understand that every person's skin is different. it doesn't serves neither our skin's health nor our mental health to compare our skin to others; especially not to curated images of "perfect skin" on social media.

feeling comfortable i your own skin starts from the inside outwads, including setting realistic goals for oneself. i really started living this shift in mindset when i was able to stop using make up to cover my acne, which was a relief, and still feel no less confident when the occasional pimple made an exposed appearance.

What is your number one anti-ageing tip?

i could share a whole list of tips and tricks but, for me, the true elixir for life is happiness. simply being happy is the best anti-ageing advice i can give you!

Can you share with us a "muse" of your own; a woman who has inspired you, and in which ways?

my "mus"e would have to be claudie haignere, who i had the pleasure of meeting during a dinner for the mckinsey next generation women leaders. haignere was the second non-russian woman to enter space, but she was actually first a dermatologist andhas a phd in neuroscience. one would naturally have assumed someone with her background would go on to work as a medical practitioner or in research but, when the opportunity presented itself, she applied to the space program and went on to become an extraordinary astronaut. she later even went into politics! what i find most inspiring about claudie, in addition to the incredible achievements attributed to her name, is that she shows we can choose our direction at any given time, and forge our own paths. the sky is the limit.